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Grants and Project Development

Exciting news – BAIPP has just received support from the Santa Clara University and the Luce-AAR Advancing Public Scholarship Grant for the project Sacred Journey as an Integrative Healing Ritual!  Read more below.

Santa Clara University Bannan Forum Grant

We will be gathering a group of medical doctors trained in integrative practices with humanities faculty to brainstorm about intersections between health and healing and the creative envisioning that has long been part of mystical theological praxis. Our focus is on helping people to thrive through embodied activity in tandem with creative envisioning (pilgrimage).

Luce-AAR Advancing Public Scholarship Grant

For this part of the project, we will be bringing together artists (across media), theologians, and medical doctors advancing integrative healthcare practices for a really great podcast!

For example, the power of soundbaths as vicarious pilgrimage in palliative care settings, backyard or VR Caminos for folks recovering from cancer, labyrinths as a way to release embodied trauma…